A new infrastructure for society

Our integrated drone logistics service bridges the gaps in society's infrastructure by overcoming vast distances, traffic congestion, location accessibility, inhospitable terrain, and data shortages — to realise the next giant leap in how essential supplies and services are delivered.

See what solutions an integrated drone logistics network can offer.

Pathology, Pharmaceutical, Vaccines, and Urgent Blood

Integrating our trusted medical drone transport service into your health supply chain increases efficiency and responsiveness for pathology, pharmaceutical, cold chain, and urgent blood supply.

We enable real-time tracking and temperature monitoring in our cold chain movement, ensuring safe, contactless deliveries with a continuous chain of custody. As a result, your medical logistics network can respond to everyday health events or emergencies, and swiftly adapt to ever-changing community needs.

Emerging Supply Chains

The Swoop Aero platform seamlessly integrates scalable drone logistics into your existing supply chain, launching everywhere from ground to sea.

The result is a strong and agile supply chain that can both deliver and collect essential supplies on-demand. Using our integrated technology platform, we combine seamless transport with real-time tracking, supply chain data capture, and analytics. We also enable the sharing of your impact with stakeholders via real-time dashboarding.

Monitoring, mapping, and data

The Swoop Aero platform’s multi-role versatility provides unprecedented scope to meet objectives beyond visual line of sight. It is your key to unlocking the skies.

Our drone delivery and air logistics platform assists partners such as Government, environmental, agricultural, mining, coastal, forestry, and wildlife organisations to achieve specific research, life-saving patrols, or routine supply movement goals.

From shark spotting and bushfire detection to geographical mapping—Swoop Aero’s capability enables our partners to make the right decisions fast, using high-definition imagery and real-time data.

Emergency Management

Swoop Aero strengthens your pivotal role in supporting rapid and effective humanitarian aid and disaster relief during complex disasters and emergencies.

Our technology platform can be launched from land or sea, in a city or the outback, or austere environments without any infrastructure. It can assist Government, NGO, private operators and first responder organisations to:

  • Map earthquake, flood, volcanic or wildfire disaster areas to inform strategic decisions
  • Provide live video-monitoring feeds for rapid and more accurate search and rescue
  • Immediately assess safe landing areas and humanitarian aid drop zones
  • Rapidly deliver medication, blood, and Automated External Defibrillators.

Contactless Drone Delivery

During global emergencies such as Ebola outbreaks or the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting communities through two-way contactless medical drone deliveries has never been more relevant to public health.

Swoop Aero’s contact-free air logistics is playing a critical role in transporting PPE, vaccines, and COVID-19 testing kits to healthcare centres, and transporting samples back to laboratories for testing across the globe.

With responsive healthcare supply chains, our partners are better positioned to rapidly deliver vaccinations for COVID-19, Ebola, or other identified pathogen emergencies as they arise.

Maritime operations

Swoop Aero autonomous aircraft unlock agile modes of connection between ship and shore that are more sustainable and more cost-effective than alternatives, such as by boat or helicopter. 

Swoop Aero aircraft can fly to and from ships at anchor, delivering and picking up critical and high-value items. This unlocks the capacity to speed up necessary processes, increase fast access to critical items, and overcome quarantine or testing requirements for ships at port, reducing overall costs in the process.

Swoop Aero platform offers the ability to integrate drone logistics aboard ships, with network operations on shore to provide and coordinate on-demand deliveries.

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