There’s nothing quite like a career at Swoop Aero.

Imagine being surrounded by a team of amazing individuals working in a ground-breaking technology company that's positively impacting millions of people's lives around the world every day.

We know it's possible because that's life at Swoop Aero.



Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers. A space that literally hums as our team of eternally optimistic and resourceful thinker-doers roll up their sleeves to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems and get things done.

And across the globe, we work shoulder to shoulder with our partners and customers to deliver on our promise of making access to the skies seamless.

This is life at Swoop Aero. And we love it. Because every day, we’re not just transforming the way the world moves —we’re moving the needle on positive health outcomes, more efficient use of energy, and a better world.

Our Culture

We welcome people from all backgrounds who are seeking to make an impact. It’s a passion that you’ll see in everyone—from the ground up. Our culture is as seamless and cohesive as the logistics networks we build based on our founding cultural values and personality:

We are Alive

We breathe life into possibilities. It’s what drives us individually and collectively to deliver outcomes that add value to everything we do, and to everyone who experiences Swoop Aero.

We are Responsive

In a world of increasing complexity and unpredictability, we recognise we won’t have all the answers from the outset. But, we know the answers are waiting to be found in the field. We learn and work with client partners, responding to their needs in fluid ways that make the result a sustainable one.

We are Solutions Focussed

We love challenges and creating elegant solutions by bringing our multi-disciplinary team together. We leverage and combine strengths in innovative ways to create positive outcomes never experienced before.

We are Precise

Precision is at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven to create seamlessness and safety in systems, processes, operations, collaborations, and partnerships. Precision is what underpins the safety and results in every partnership and network we deploy.

We are Collaborators

Positive outcomes drive us forward. We work closely with client partners, Government agencies, regulatory authorities, and the communities on the ground to ensure our solutions satisfy needs and add value from every perspective.

Our Bright Future

We’re an established, internationally recognised, award winning, high-growth venture-backed business with the wings to make a difference.

Join Us!

Are you looking for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful? Check out our current job listings, or get in touch and tell us how you can make a difference.